Why Story Marketing is the Best Way to Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Storytelling is how skeptical humans naturally create rich meaning out of content swirling in the cacophony of competing communication. To be successful, how you message, manage and measure your storytelling matters greatly.

cityCURRENT Digital Media Director, Andrew Bartolotta was recently on The Business of Story webinar to discuss ways to increase your brand’s social media presence through digital storytelling.

Here are a few takeaways:
📸 visuals are processed by the mind 60,000x faster than text. So visual storytelling is key.

🗣 The best way to build a trusted brand is through storytelling.

👏 Share your values/beliefs in a relevant and authentic way so people can relate to you/your business.

👥 It is impossible to get people to pay attention these days with all of the noise we’re cluttered with. Make your posts a dialogue, not a monologue to help grow conversation and brand loyalty.

Park Howell, Owner of Business of Story
Gavin Hammar, CEO of Sendible

Desiree Martinez, Founder of All-In-One Social Media
Sophia Rabe, Founder/CEO of Olive + Milo Social Studio
Andrew Bartolotta, Digital Media Director at cityCURRENT

Learn more about Business of Story here: https://businessofstory.com/
Learn more about Sendible here: sendible.com/?afmc=1rg

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