The SPARK: Travel and Transportation

Memphis is the transportation hub of the country. Here's how companies are moving Memphis forward

This month on our PBS TV Show, The SPARK, our theme is “Travel and Transportation.”

cityCURRENT CEO, Jeremy C. Park, interviews Andy Nix, Executive Director of MyCityRides, an organization using scooters to address the transportation issues that keep people from getting to work, with Tonie Reynolds of International Paper, who uses the service; Justin Entzminger and Courtney McNeal of 901RideChoice, a free phone service for older adults and people living with a disabilities who need local, reliable transportation options to get to their destinations; and Brian Burnett of Travel Nurses Inc., a company providing healthcare professionals with opportunities that empower them to excellence, and allow them to travel and see the world. Plus, a profile of Peer Power Foundation from the most recent SPARK Awards.

(Note: This episode was taped Feb. 3, 2020.)

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