Better Business Bureau of the MidSouth: Warns of Scammers that Exploit the Headlines

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Randy Hutchinson, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of the MidSouth, discusses how to protect yourself and your business from potential scammers looking to capitalize on the fear created by COVID-19. Randy highlights things to be aware of including false information from scammers posing as health, government, employers, and other entities targeting people online, through text messages, and in-person. 

A nonprofit organization the Bureau, Better Business Bureau of the MidSouth, covers 28 counties in West Tennessee, North Mississippi, Crittendon County, Arkansas. Then there’s another Bureau in Nashville, Jackson, Mississippi, and on across the country. Our major mission is really two fold: steer  consumers away from perhaps not so good businesses to the good ones and increasingly in one. Unfortunately, we’ll be talking about mostly  is steer them away from the out and out scammers that exploit the headlines. Headlines are coronavirus. So they are coming out of the woodwork.

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