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CareerQuo is a digital mentorship platform designed to help individuals, students, parents, schools, churches, businesses, and non-profits connect with each other through live video conferencing sessions. Co-founders, Derrick Reives and Venki Mandapati have made this worldwide platform free to help keep people connected during this unprecedented time where social distancing is becoming the new normal. 

Many students and young professionals need mentors to help with their career discovery and to learn how to land in their dream Career!

Nonprofits who have participants that they serve in the community, they can be school aged kids, or those who are young adults or older adults. They’re struggling for ways to keep in contact with them. So what they’re doing now is signing themselves up as advisors and counselors  on Careerquo, and they’re getting their clients to sign up as players and they’re connecting with them. So this gives their clients the ability to see them on scheduled time with them when they need help or advice from them as a nonprofit. So this is the way it’s being used now in the current COVID crisis.

One of our biggest missions for Careerquo for the next years that are  coming , equal opportunity across the globe. We wanted to start here in Memphis, but wanted to grow exponentially into different parts of the globe and help everybody and give opportunity for everybody. 

We are seeing lots of great opportunities. Starting with  nonprofits and universities and colleges. We ultimately wanted to grow into areas where people thinking about getting help should be able to come to Careerquo and get help, whatever they needed for their life or career.

So that’s, that’s our biggest mission. we want it to give back out to the community in every way possible through our virtual platform. 

You can also become a coach if you have experience and interested to help others who seek advice in your field. You can earn income or donate your proceeds you earn on to your favorite non-profit organization.

You can contact us at our email:  The world is crying out right now to, to really come together and  this is a way for us to come together and to help one another.  

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