duGard Communications Creating New Brand Identies

duGard Communications providing clients with strategic counsel and actionable strategies matched with drive, determination and creativity.

Perri duGard Owens, Founder and CEO of duGard Communications.
I started direct communications about seven years ago. It grew out of consulting and the financial crisis period, where I had several friends that were having to let go of PR and marketing directors and my business started to grow exponentially, from a consultant standpoint. In 2013 opened up a practice in order to serve clients. In multiple industry through PR, strategic communications, media relations and marketing. We have enjoyed working with everyone from Amazon to HCA.

We have our employees identify a passion project because our focus includes doing work that supports the community, professionally and personally. This is one of the ways that we foster employee engagement and corporate social responsibility. 

Every situation is different. Potential clients think they’re just going to come in and write a press release. That’s not the situation whatsoever. We want to know about the operations of the company, what the company is dealing with, whether that’s an internal crisis or, if they need to hit better sales goals, or if they want to boost morale, or they need consumers to change their hearts. We try to interview a client as much as we want a client to interview us so that we know that there’s also a personality fit.

During this COVID 19 period where relationships are important, where relationships matter. I think businesses were starting to shift because technology had taken over so many of the steps in a good way. I think technology and relationship have started to allow companies to find what their purpose is and find ways in which to really target specific communities that it needs to speak to, to drive business, to drive purpose, to engage more effectively and create stronger brand presence, share. Obviously what we’re going through is a unprecedented times for all of us where we’re dealing with a lot of challenges on so many fronts.

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