Reaching Your Digital Potential with eBiz Solutions & Thinkproxi

CEO of eBiz Solutions and Thinkproxi, Sridhar Sunkara, shares ways his companies have used technology to conduct business during the coronavirus epidemic and how they are helping companies implement technology to reach their digital potential.  He also shares the books that he and his team are reading to continue group learning and innovation. 

eBiz Solutions is a global technology company founded in Memphis in 2005, with the goal to empower companies with their Digital Transformation, technology & digital innovation, strategy, and solutions. With proven methodologies like design thinking, lean startups, and agile, eBiz Solutions has helped diverse companies achieve growth results and increase their market share. 

ThinkProxi is an easily adaptable platform that enables businesses to interact with their customers by combining the latest technology with geographic landscapes. Proximity is the core of our business and future of the physical web. Our network solutions and integrated framework enable businesses to gain predictive insights into consumer behavior, resulting in immediate service and offerings based on customers’ real-time needs.

We are now focusing on what are the new ways of working, the new habits that we have to work with, all these collaborative tools, and how can we make more effective of this tools? Right? So that’s one of the things I go through this all the time, is people are scared about the digital transformation. Look at today, everybody’s working from home. Everybody adopted to it. So, you have to be pushed. Today’s leaders should really recognize, how did everybody adopted so quickly? And then they need to think about how do they make their companies digital.

  • Technology through crisis
  • Innovation Labs with new emerging technologies
  • Digital Tranformation
  • Location based intelligence
  • Adapting your business during coronavirus

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