The Inside Story – We Blinked and The World Went Virtual Overnight!

The Inside Story is a powerhouse Team with the purpose of helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants thrive. A powerful virtual assistance team providing executive administrative support, social media management and sales/business development support services. Your outsourced executive assistant resource.

“We blinked and The World went virtual overnight”, says Laurie Guzman, Founder and President of The Inside Story.

The Inside Story did not realize that this difficult time would put us in the driver’s seat to teach, support, bring peace of mind to so many.

The importance of knowing the Inside Story- telling your story as a company/team as well as truly knowing your client/target audience/prospects/key business relationships,Family, friends, our clients are all experiencing what it’s like to work in a virtual world.

  • NEW SERVICES: as result of COVID-19; training employees/managers various online resources/skill sets/implementing technology services.  *Construction related companies and executives within professional services-financial, attorneys, consulting and coaching practices.
  • NEW MARKETS:  Huntsville, Nashville, Memphis and Kansas City Markets are coming together with our help.
  • CONNECTIONS- more important than ever to recognize the need and power of engaging and connecting, even from a distance.

Key Quotes and thoughts we must start our day with:

  • “Activity breathes activity”.   Develop ferocious resolve through daily steps.
  • “As long as we have our health- we are rich.”
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!!!!   Daily rule- make 1 new friend every day!

With our health, the virus cannot take our ability to love, support, serve, connect, inspire, ask for help, call others, spend more time with our family then maybe ever before.  We are listening, we are reading, we are walking, we are communicating with those who matter most, or I pray others are looking for those that may need us if they are alone.

We diligently serve you honoring our Team motto – “Follow Up, Follow Through, Develop & Deliver”.

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