Angel Street – Developing Young Women Through Musical Training

Angel Street started in 2013 when Jill Dyson, who is now title president and founder, got a phone call to start a children’s choir for a women’s Christmas dinner at Hope Church. Jill called Ruth Abigail Smith to help and they brought several young girls together to form a small choir. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but after seeing the potential, the pair decided to maintain AngelStreet as an organization that helps girls all over the city through musical training, performances, mentoring, and more. Listen to this segment as Ruth Abigail Smith, AngelStreet’s executive director and co-founder, shares the story of how they pour love into the lives of our youth through song.

AngelStreet develops girls by providing musical training in communities with limited artistic opportunities. AngelStreet seeks to empower young women to understand their value, discover their purpose, and become creatively equipped to serve the Memphis community as leaders.

Two years ago we opened up our second location and Graham Heights area. Where will we partner with  Streets Ministries. And the North Memphis area, we partnered with Oasis of Hope. We do musical training, we do performances, we do mentoring. We think it’s important to connect young women with other female leaders in our community, whether it be our staff. Or women that we connect with. That’s something that we’re excited to continue to go and do and be even more intentional with.

We really believe that if the community and the environment in which we exist is successful and thriving, then the girls will thrive, and then we will thrive. So we partner with other entities in that community, Oasis of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Promise Development, and help City Church specifically to really come alongside and be supportive of the things that are going on in that, in that community.

Despite social distancing, AngelStreet remains dedicated to our mission, even if it means finding a different method. As the reality of this pandemic began to sink in, AngelStreet’s team quickly developed a digital outlet that provides participants the opportunity to remain connected. AngelZone is AngelStreet’s new online platform designed to continually engage young ladies beyond the scheduled program hours; a crucial tool during this season of quarantine.

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