SidebySide Solutions Matching Companies with Nonprofits

“We believe that Partnerships are more effective when they are based on a shared purpose and drive mutual and long-term benefits. ”

Dominique Jara,  is a Marketing Strategist with over 20+ years’ experience in B2C and B2C marketing, working for large global corporations. Caroline Jacobsson,  is a Senior Communications Strategist with over 15 years’ experience working with global nonprofit organizations. Both are the co-founders of SidebySide Solutions matching companies with nonprofits. 

SidebySide Solutions is a social-enterprise consultancy, that supports companies and nonprofits to navigate their purpose journey and find a match that will grow their organization.  

Dominique and Caroline will discuss topics such as: 

  1. The SidebySide Process™ provides a road-map to develop Partnerships that are meaningful and measurable for companies and nonprofits.  – What it is and why it works.
  2. A purpose-driven Partnership makes it possible to make long-term commitments and to strategically co-plan and become part of each other’s story.  – Why is it important for companies and nonprofits?
  3. How does SidebySide support organizations that are considering developing a purpose?
  4. Training: Merits of a purpose-driven Partnership
             – Who is it for?
             – Who benefits?
             – Brief description of modules
             – How can someone participate?

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