Brina Kay

Nashville based Singer/Songwriter, Performer and Recording Artist

Nashville based Singer/Songwriter, Performer and Recording Artist, Brina Kay, who shares some of her story and lessons learned as an artist and business woman, as well as the introduction of her new music video for “Rome.” 

“I grew up in the Chicago suburb called Schaumburg and was involved in music throughout my whole life. I’d learned to play the violin through an early instrumental music program as a kindergartner. I also got into musical theater and did dance and as I grew up”.  After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and spending her summer performing with a local band, Brina packed everything she owned into a beat-up Honda Odyssey and made the move to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.  Within a year of her move, Brina released four new singles.

My recent music video for my single “Rome” 

“I actually wrote the song Rome during a really hard time I was going through. You find the will to get up in the morning and maybe accomplish one thing or go to one interview and you know that there’s going to be a light at the end of the tunnel at some point.”

With her relentless ambition and unyielding passion, you can always expect something bigger and better from Brina to be on the Horizon. 

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