Tennessee Entrepreneur Initiative

Diane Canada, will discusses her new book, "Lady Up & Don't Quit" and her efforts to help small business owners and entrepreneurs become more successful.

Most of the nearly half-a-million businesses in TN are solopreneurs, meaning they are self-employed and have a hard time scaling to create jobs. Of these owners, the stats say that half will fail.  It doesn’t have to be like that.

Author, Speaker and Co-Creator of the Tennessee Entrepreneur InitiativeDiane Canada, who discusses her new book, “Lady Up & Don’t Quit” and her efforts to help small business owners and entrepreneurs become more successful. 

  • There are hidden reasons businesses fail that nobody is really talking about, including a deeply personal struggle that accompanies the business-building learning curve; disorganized, conflicting, and overwhelming online information; a feeling of isolation that leads to loneliness when friends or family don’t understand and say “Maybe you should just go back to your day job”.   
  • We created the idea of the Tennessee Entrepreneur Initiative to speak to these exact struggles, letting entrepreneurs know that they don’t have to go it alone anymore. This program also gives philanthropies and corporations a meaningful way to invest in and connect with small businesses by way of teaching them to fish, rather than giving them a fish. 
  • My main goal, as a co-creator of this Initiative, as well as in my new book “Lady Up & Don’t Quit”, is to equip owners from a foundation of faith. It has to be more than a motivational speech that feels good in the moment but then fades come Monday morning. Small businesses need to understand how faith is their compass in the day-to-day, real-world challenges they face.

To access the Tennessee Entrepreneur Initiative  Free Survival Guide visit https://lonelyentrepreneur.com/survival-guide/ 

Learn more:  ladylikeleaders.com  and  tennesseeentrepreneurinitiative.com     

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