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Bruce Nix, Director of Business Agility and Technical Client Engagement for Vaco in Memphis, who discusses some of ways Vaco is helping those who have had their jobs affected due to the COVID-19 crisis, what Business Agility is and how it supports adaptation and change, tips to get started and more.

At Vaco Memphis, business is always personal. We’re proud to be part of the only talent and solutions firm that puts human connection first, helping the best and brightest talent thrive. By connecting amazing talent with awesome companies. That’s  about working in the community. It is one thing that we  take to heart is  the relationships. It’s not just about placing someone in a company. We do feel the candidates  are lifelong clients of ours, just as we hope that they’re lifelong candidates for the organization that we placed them in.

COVID displacement: We just kicked off a new initiative. People that have been furloughed and displaced.  Which is unfortunate. We are working with  Give Camp Memphis, which is another local community, driven initiative where, the MemTech community comes together and helps out charities in the area. With the people that we have and that we know, to be able to actually put people back to work with some of these charities who often don’t have the budget to do a lot of the work that they have or  access to these skill levels. So  for every hour that is being worked, Vaco is actually donating an hour. So you can actually get some very good talent for around 50% of that cost.

Additional topics Bruce will discuss on this show:

  • Resume Writing, Professional Development, Interviewing – Best Foot Forward Always Tips
  • Business Agility – How are you achieving that agility?
  • Don’t have change drive you – you drive change.
  • Flexibility to meet the market demands of today.
  • Leveraging the talent you have.

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