Dr. Kimberly Brown, Emergency Room Physician

Baptist Memorial Hospital DeSoto

Dr. Kimberly Brown, Emergency Room  Physician shares her world on the front lines with her team at  Baptist Memorial Hospital DeSoto what she is seeing and the effects of COVID 19 on our community.

I am an ER doctor. That means I’m the doctor that you see when you walk through the doors of an ER. So I take care of anyone, anytime, anywhere, whatever complaint you have, I am  the front lines all the time, not just during the pandemic of making sure that you’re safe, healthy, and well.

So we, during the pandemic we are still seeing a bunch of different things. And I’ve been emphasizing that to people that,  I know there’s a pandemic going on, we are seeing COVID-19 patients and those who are suspect for it,  but we’re also seeing things like heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, things like that. We are still here and available to assist you when you’re having your medical emergency. Just because it’s a pandemic doesn’t mean that we’re not here to help. 

  • There’s been a lot that’s gone on in the last about eight weeks or so in our hospital. From a patient standpoint and from a staff standpoint, we have to go through different instances. 
  • By no means, I want to make it seem like what we’re going through in the greater Memphis area is anything like what we’re seeing in New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans. Thankfully we have not seen, those numbers and that gravity of the COVID-19 illness. That’s, that’s a good thing. We want people to still take it seriously.

Honestly best practice right now is definitely social distancing. I know that Memphis is slowly opening back up, but still keeping your distance six feet. Masks are definitely something that I’m now recommending. And definitely hand-washing, I’m not recommending people use gloves, because most people don’t know how to use  gloves appropriately.

Learn more:  https://www.baptistonline.org/covid-19/testing-locations/baptist-memorial-hospital-desoto

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