Tennessee Serves One Year Anniversary

Tennessee First Lady Maria Lee, discusses the volunteer initiative.

Tennessee First Lady Maria Lee, discusses the volunteer initiative, Tennessee Serves, along with it’s one year anniversary, a recap of Tennessee’s Day of Service, and how nonprofits across the state are still in need of volunteers yet pivoting due to COVID-19 to ensure everyone’s safety and health. 

The State of Tennessee is the national leader in the promotion of volunteerism, community service initiatives and partnerships in which its citizens of all ages and backgrounds engage in services addressing the educational, public safety, environmental and other human needs of the state and nation.

The network is a statewide collaboration of volunteer centers dedicated to bringing people and community together through an online volunteer portal.  

Potential volunteers can search and find volunteer needs in their local communities. Community agencies can post their most current volunteer opportunities and request volunteer assistance based on skills and interests.  

“Get involved, find an interest, says the First Lady. What are you interested in?  What’s your passion?  Find a nonprofit that fits your interests and your skill levels. All of these nonprofits that we’ve worked with so far, they make it so easy. You just sign up, you tell them when you want to come, what you can do. It’s effortless. You show up and it’s already there waiting for you to just dive in. Anything that might stop you in your tracks of making that phone call. I say, just make that phone call into a nonprofit and you’ll never regret it.”

Learn more:  https://www.tn.gov/firstlady.html

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