Virtual Nonprofit Tour: PENCIL

Helping Young People Achieve Academic Success

PENCIL is the premier organization linking community resources to Metro Nashville Public Schools. Thanks to dedicated PENCIL Partners, students work in state-of-the-art laboratories alongside teachers and industry professionals. Teachers design lesson plans that cross the traditional boundaries of education – like linking data points in algebra with students’ Agricultural Science classes. Dedicated volunteers regularly donate one lunch hour a week to help a child improve his or her reading comprehension. Businesses work to create an engaged and excited student pipeline interested in their industry through internships and job shadowing.

At PENCIL, they believe that public education is everyone’s business. Your donation means more Literacy Partners working one-on-one with struggling students, mores school supplies reaching MNPS teachers through the LP PENCIL Box and more PENCIL Partners bringing real-world experience to Metro’s high school students.

PENCIL is accepting donations on behalf of the Metro schools to support tornado recovery and COVID-19 response.

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