Monica Snyder – Effective Email Marketing

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with his friend and entrepreneur, Monica Snyder, who discusses making money online with eLearning, software development, affiliate marketing, automation, online stores and value ladders. Aside from continuing to build her platforms, Monica is turning her sights on helping 30 women become millionaires. During the interview, Monica shares tips and insight and also discusses one of her newest ventures, Relationships and Revenue, which helps you become more effective with your email marketing.

Relationship & Revenue™ is the 3-Part Foundation for Your Email Subscribers to Feel Welcomed, Trust You Quickly, & Be Ready to Buy Your Offers.

Monica says, “A lot of people think that an email list is just a series of broadcasts, but really you need to be using your email list to get information and to give back that information, right? So you ask them what they want in a certain way. And then you give them back that information and let them know. If you have a service business, if you have an eCommerce business, if you’re selling physical products, it doesn’t really matter. People want to buy from you. You just need to give them a buy button sometimes.”

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