Principle Toyota – Giving Back to the Community

Todd Lochner, General Manager and Partner with Principle Toyota in Memphis, who shares how and why he uses his advertising dollars to support local nonprofits, how their team gives back throughout the year and adopts schools to provide gifts during the holidays, valuable advice he has received in his career, why they are paying top dollar for used cars right now, and more.

  • Common sense using advertising dollars towards Non Profits. “In order for any business to survive, you have to depend on your stakeholders, which are your number one stakeholders, obviously your clientele, your customer base, and they’re the ones that make you successful. The community around you, makes you successful. if you don’t give back to that, you’re not going to last . There’s no sustainability. “
  • Adopt a School – “Our own associates at Principle Toyota decided to raise money and we were able to give a great Christmas to 50 students.”
  • Transparency. Trade-ins. Incredible associates that care and give back. “It’s not just about selling a car, it’s not about selling service or parts. It’s about developing relationships. Because anybody can sell a car. Anybody can change your oil, fix your car or whatever. But it’s about developing that relationship.”

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