Aidan + Toren Anderson – Aidan Cares and The Path to Your Purpose

What 7-year-old boy would expect that a plastic harmonica and $80 could catapult him into a lifetime of giving?

Since the age of four, Aidan Anderson has spent thousands of hours serving others. From wealthy CEO’s to neighboring communities, Aidan encourages people to connect and give back.

Momma Toren Anderson, Jeremy C. Park, and Aidan Anderson at the cityCURRENT Signature Breakfast February 28th when this conversation was recorded.

Aidan still wakes up each day driven to truly connect with people. No matter their walk of life, he is interested in sharing his heart, his music and a helping hand where ever he can.

Now in it’s 11th year, Aidan Cares is an independent 501c3 created by a board of supporters that believe in this crucial mission. All donations are used for impacting youth and adults along their paths to give and serve partnering to do so with charities doing awesome stuff.

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