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Chima Onwuka, Owner of Grind City Kicks and Founder of Grind City Cares, who discusses their online shoe and apparel store that has a philanthropic purpose, their new line of shirts that give back to support COVID-19 relief efforts in the community, advice to other entrepreneurs, and more. 

An online shoe and apparel store that uses sneakers to partner with organizations and businesses to impact the community, highlight/encourage the youth, and bring awareness to social issues.

Chima Onwuka, now sole Owner and CEO of Grind City Kicks after his partner lost interest and wanted to rebrand. He says GCK is another platform that allows him to use his God given talent which is to help impact and motivate others in the community. Chima says that even though he is the Owner and CEO of GCK, he wants the community to feel like it is their brand as well. Chima calls GCK “The People’s Brand”, because he uses the opinions and perspectives of the community to not only create unique designs for GCK clothing but to also create and plan impactful events for the community.

Grind City Cares was founded with the hope of providing substantial need to communities that lack significant resources. We want to impact as many communities as possible by providing resources, and creating solutions to social issues, and establishing an opportunity for aid to each individual. We believe this impact can be achieved by partnering with other organizations and businesses to provide a life changing experience to the public. 

  • What we do – Health, Homeless, Food, Education and more….

Changing One Community at a Time!

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