Michael Dermer, Founder and CEO of The Lonely Entrepreneur

Michael Dermer, Founder and CEO of The Lonely Entrepreneur, who shares his entrepreneurial story, along with tips for starting a business during and after the pandemic, the importance of planning, having the right mindset, creative problem solving, and more. Michael and his team are helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into success and have created The Entrepreneur Survival Guide, which is available via their website at https://www.lonelyentrepreneur.com.

Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur authority, lawyer, speaker, coach, and author of The Lonely Entrepreneur.  The Lonely Entrepreneur was born from Michael’s harrowing experience of living through the “perfect storm” – watching the company he built from scratch to over 500 people nearly get destroyed overnight by the 2008 financial crisis. Not only did they survive, they sold the company and today are considered the pioneer of the health rewards industry.  No one knows more about the journey from struggle to success than Michael. 

Today, Michael leads The Lonely Entrepreneur and its mission to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into success. Michael is a sought after authority and speaker and has appeared in national and international media outlets (MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, Telemundo) and has keynoted and acted as judge in over 100 events serving entrepreneurs in the United States, Mexico, China, India, the UAE, Croatia, Singapore, Spain, Israel, and other countries throughout the world.

Michael will be discussing what it takes to move forward from simply surviving economic uncertainty of this current time, to THRIVING in the long run. He will address

  • the importance of a plan and what kind of plan one needs,
  • the right mindset,
  • how to address your needs for cash,
  • how to create revenue, and
  • how to manage expenses.

With this (first, and hopefully only) wave of Covid-19 behind us, it’s time to turn our eyes to the future and take action TODAY that sets us up for success TOMORROW.

Learn more:  https://lonelyentrepreneur.com/        

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