NEXT Memphis: Announces the Inaugural Cohort of Childcare Center

The current total enrollment for the cohort is 800 children, with the potential licensed enrollment of 1,600 children.

Chloe Moore, Director of NEXT Memphis, which is a shared services childcare organization housed at Porter-Leath that provides high quality education and health services for children, discusses their programs and business model, improved educational outcomes, how the community can support their efforts, and more. 

Porter-Leath’s NEXT Memphis initiative announced the inaugural cohort of childcare centers that will participate in its shared services program model. The network of standout centers will directly increase educational outcomes for children, family-level outcomes for parents, business viability, and overall childcare center quality.

Participating centers were selected based upon rigorous evaluation of existing practices, as well as having demonstrable passion for children and families, willingness to innovate and alter business paradigms, established history in serving low-income neighborhoods, and in-depth viewpoints and approaches to excellence.

NEXT Memphis, at its essence, is for the community. Developed as a response to local research supported by First 8 Memphis, NEXT Memphis is a shared service program model that helps independent childcare providers reduce costs and improve outcomes, so that they can direct more of their attention and resources to the classroom and families.

NEXT Memphis’ model will ensure that more children enter kindergarten ready to learn, that more families are thriving, and that childcare professionals have the resources and care they need to grow in their profession. Through NEXT Memphis, Porter-Leath will offer wraparound services to families, helping parents set and achieve goals and connecting them with community resources.

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