The Junior League of Memphis – Promoting, Developing, and Improving the Community

The Junior League of Memphis (JLM) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. JLM believes women are change agents in the community, and therefore perceives women as catalysts for lasting change in the Mid-South. These beliefs have guided the women’s organization for almost 100 years.

Women are invited to join JLM once they are 23 years of age. Upon joining, new members will enter into their Provisional year which will give them an overview of everything the League has to offer ranging from community service to the business operations of the organization. The Provisional year is designed to 1) provide a meaningful experience to learn more about the Junior League of Memphis’ history and structure, 2) develop Provisionals’ potential as leaders, 3) gain valuable skills to equip members to be effective volunteers and 4) connect new members with both like-minded women and other organizations committed to improving the Memphis community.

After that first year, new members graduate from their Provisional status and enter into being an Active member. As an Active member of the League women are given the option to focus on and dive deeper into the areas of the League they connected most with during their Provisional year. Whether it’s volunteering within the League to help with event planning, fundraising, recruiting new members, etc. or donating their time and talent to one of the many nonprofits the League has relationships with, there is something to fit every member’s interests so long as they are committed to making an impact in their community.

League members can stay Active for as long as they would like, however, after 7 years they are given the opportunity to become a Sustainer. Sustainers are charged with the duty of sustaining the Junior League and sharing their wealth of knowledge from their experience in and out of the organization for member development and trainings. Outside of community service, training and professional development opportunities are two of the biggest perks of being a Junior League member. “The Junior League offers women the opportunity to take on challenges that they would never have had the chance to take on, but through their volunteerism in the League. Women are able to get hands on training right here in the Junior League of Memphis. We offer women the chance to get their feet wet in something that is brand new to them and we promise we don’t have a buzzer— we won’t ding you if you mess up because you’re not going to wreck the organization. This thing has been around for almost 100 years so as long as you’re putting your skillset and your heart into it, we’re going to figure it out” remarks Junior League of Memphis President, Erica Stiff-Coopwood.

If all of this sounds up your alley, JLM may be the organization for you! Currently, JLM is accepting Provisional applications for 2020-2021 and welcomes women of all backgrounds, who have an interest in voluntarism, a commitment to community service and an interest in developing their potential as a volunteer and leader in the Memphis community. To learn more visit or email with any questions.

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