VC3 – Technology and IT Leadership a Critical Role During COVID-19

John Hey, Chief Strategist

John Hey, Chief Strategist from VC3, discusses how technology and IT leadership are playing a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to overcoming challenges with communication, culture and operations. Hey shares some of the things that VC3 is doing, as well as helpful advice and best practices for other businesses, organizations and municipalities. 

VC3 has been on the leading edge of Information Technology since 1994, providing client-oriented solutions to both commercial and public sector clients. We implement IT projects and services that can provide above-average returns on investment, significantly enhance productivity, and lower technology ownership costs.

Helpful advice:

  • Communication – “Communication is in the DNA of the person it’s not all about tools.  IT is an enabler IT is not the destination it’s a tour guide on the journey and so where that Zoom or Teams or Slack or whatever you use, those are just tools to enable what should be inert in you already .”
  • Video  – “In lieu of the circumstances that we all live in I think video is paramount it’s so important to have that interaction be able to see your face body language. You lose at least 50% of the efficacy of the communication.”
  • Culture – “We’ve actually seen a spike in productivity almost to the detriment of being online from 6:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night and maybe take 20 minutes for lunch or  lunch gets booked over. The pendulum swings to work-life balance.  Work-life balance was easier to mitigate that under the norm we grew up with.  Now you’ve got to find some discipline in term as a leader and you have to culturize that your organization  better decide, hey I want you to go take a walk at lunch or I want you to log off at 5:30. . You got to turn off the faucet somehow. “

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