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Largest Marine Drayage Provider in the US

Joel Tracy, CIO of IMC Companies,  highlights the role of technology in the transportation industry, some of the innovations and ways the company has pivoted in response to COVID-19, industry trends, finding and training local talent, encouragement for those who are considering a career in transportation or technology or both, and more. 

IMC Companies is the largest marine drayage provider in the U.S. with the largest fleet of trucks and chassis and an integrated network of smart depots.

Amidst Coronavirus concerns, we are committed to maintaining a safe workplace for our employees and providing exemplary service to our customers. 

In some cases, adjusted port hours and closures are impacting our ability to retrieve cargo and terminate empty equipment.  Drayage services are critical to your business and we want to assure you that we are prepared to continue business without disruptions.

  • Our integrated network of 47 terminals geographically distributed across the country allows us the flexibility
  • Our systems are designed so that the driver does not have to come into the terminal
  • Our technology team has prepared team members for remote access to ensure business continuity
  • Our customer service portal to access real-time information
  • Ongoing education of our drivers to ensure safe delivery

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