Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee is now Nurture the Next!

To see all children in Tennessee thriving in safe, stable and nurturing families and communities.

Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee is now Nurture the Next Kristen Davis, President and CEO of Nurture the Next discusses the why the name change and what they are doing in the community.

Our work as an organization is centered on helping families provide nurturing homes and healthy childhoods for their children. But our name for the last three decades, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee, hasn’t made that clear. That is why we are now Nurture the Next. 

Our new name emphasizes what we do, rather than what our work prevents. Our mission is still the same and we will maintain our affiliation with Prevent Child Abuse America. But we believe our new name will open doors to reach more families who would benefit from our services. Today, we provide in-home parenting support in 30 counties in Tennessee and offer several statewide programs.  This hands-on approach is most impactful during the first five years of a child’s life when their brain is developing the fastest, which is why we focus our work on families with young children.

Parenting is a skill passed down from one generation to the next. When we teach positive parenting practices, the impact is long lasting. 

It takes more than parents to raise healthy, happy children. It takes communities committed to supporting families, especially those who are most vulnerable. We provide education across the state to share ways that everyone in the community can support strong families and keep children safe, and we advocate for further public investment in evidence-based family support programs, like home visiting. 

  • For over 35 years, our mission has been to help families create loving homes where children feel nurtured.  
  • Nurtured children grow into resilient, capable adults, and nurturing homes are built by parents who have the knowledge and a positive support system to help them.  (here I will discuss our programs that we provide to the community).  We provide in-home services, parent mentorship, educational classes, crisis support and more. 
  • We are raising the next generation, together. 
  • Our programs
  • We are now Nurture the Next. It’s a name that emphasizes what we do, rather than what we prevent. 

Join us in spreading the word with #NewNameSameMission

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