Build Her A Bridge

Samantha DeGrasse, Founder and Creator of Build Her A Bridge based in Nashville, Tennessee. During the interview, DeGrasse discusses their efforts to work with teen girls and to give them a platform to express themselves and feel like their heard, build self-confidence, and embrace different cultures, views and opinions in a positive environment. DeGrasse discusses their new television show, “The Tea,” along with self-care boxes for teen girls who are struggling with anxiety and depression, and how the community can help.

Build Her A Bridge  was founded on the basis of bringing together young women and celebrating the love and gift of God through creativity, journaling, and small group/break out sessions. We are in existence to build up and bridge out with one another and the community. Build Her A Bridge is a foundation, ministry and resource guide for girls tweens through early 20’s and their families.

  • Teens and mental illness – provided 50 self-care boxes to businesses and organizations that work with teen girls struggling with anxiety and depression
  • Goal now is to do this again in September for suicide prevention month. Needing donations for the self-care boxes
  • A new television show I produced called “The Tea” – platform for girls to express themselves and feel like they’re heard
  • Embracing different cultures and views and opinions at build her a bridge is highly important and discuss why?
  • Events 2020

If you’re wondering how you could help build her a bridge, please consider partnering with us. Whether that’s prayer, time, donations or spreading the word, we’ve got some amazing things happening even during the time of the pandemic, stay at home orders, schools closed the rest of the year and more! We’re doing some amazing things with teen girls and mental health. And we NEED YOU! 

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