eBiz Solutions Safely Back to Work Mobile Platform

Lisa May, Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions with Data Facts, and Sridhar S. Sunkara, CEO of eBiz Solutions, discuss their partnership on a Safely Back to Work Mobile Platform that is designed to help companies, schools and other organizations bring their employees, students, customers and guests safely back into the office. The private label application offers security, access to information and resources, tracking and self-reporting algorithms that will ensure everyone is able to maintain proper health and safety protocols. 

eBiz Solutions – technology & solutions company headquartered in Memphis with a global presence. Custom Apps – Technology Consulting – SharePoint, Salesforce & MORE

Data Facts Background Screening-a PBSA accredited company- is your source for employee, volunteer, and student pre and post employment background screening and drug testing.

Data Facts Lending Solutions – Since 1989, Data Facts has provided information you trust and rely on to make sound lending and business decisions.

Safely Back to Work Mobile Platform  –  As we slowly transition life back to “normal”, companies will have to ensure a healthy environment is being provided to all employees. eBiz Solutions is ready to help you navigate the back to work challenges. Our COVID 19 Mobile-based technology platform prioritizes your employee safety, keeping in mind the ethical and legal matters around the subject.

Learn more:  https://www.thinkebiz.net/  or https://www.datafacts.com/

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