Smith+Nephew Young Professionals (SNYP)

Andrea Karduss, Clinical Scientific and Medical Affairs Specialist with Smith+Nephew, talks about her role and being a young professional at Smith+Nephew, some of the things she has learned through the Smith+Nephew Young Professionals program and what her encouragement for other companies would be, advice for other young professionals for career development, and the role that the Society of Women Engineers is playing to bring more women into STEM and manufacturing careers. 

Andrea shares her experience with Smith+Nephew Young Professional (SNYP):

  • Leadership Skills – Connecting with other SNYP Chapters
  • Collaborating  and working together within communities and around the world combining ideas makes a difference.
  • Opportunities – Outreach, Professional Development, Mentoring, Reverse Mentoring and Social Networking, Giving back to the community.
  • Future Leader!

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