Image Works Commercial Interiors + MBI – How to Safely Bring Employees Back

Kevin Yates, Vice President of Sales

Kevin Yates, Vice President of Sales for Image Works Commercial Interiors + MBI, discusses some of the major trends and considerations in safely bringing employees back into the office and workplace, ideas for reconfiguring your floor plans and utilizing existing systems, practical add-ons and future-proofing your office furniture with flexibility, sanitization services and ideas for supporting employees who are still working from home. 

Our mission is to assist our clients in creating innovative solutions for engaging environments. In collaboration, we apply our knowledge, expertise, and technology to optimize spaces where people think, learn, heal, work and live.

Kevin also covers topics of returning to work – Safety | Longevity of Current Situation | Adhering to All Guidelines | Guest Considerations | Work space Reconfiguration & Optimization through Creative Architectural Products | Sanitation vs Cleaning Process.

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