Picture Change – Photography to Fight Poverty

Kate Gazaway, Founder and Educator

Kate Gazaway, Founder and Educator with Picture Change, who highlights how photography and pictures can be powerful avenues to create change, how her organization uses photography education to fight poverty, success stories and what Picture Change looks like in action, lessons learned and more.

Picture Change is about empowering individuals to discover innate creativity, develop self-confidence, & picture change in their lives and community through photography.

Using cameras to teach basic photography skills. Students also write about themselves, their families, communities, fears, dreams, etc. Art is often lost in the struggle to survive, and for many students this is a way to cope and express themselves in the midst of these hardships.

Giving back to the community. Our students are the photographers and assistants for a community-wide photo shoot by providing portrait sessions to those who would like them. This empowers them with the opportunity to help their family and community in a unique way. Hundreds of families get their printed photographs, some for the first time ever.

Upcoming projects and ways to help our students. Putting on a gallery show and we do it right: photography, food, decorations, music, the works. The purpose is to give the students and their families a public, tangible event to be proud of and give the community a show to remember.

Learn more: 
Website:                www.picture-change.org
Facebook:             https://www.facebook.com/picturechange
Instagram:             @picturechange

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