Terminix – Summer Pest Protection & More!

Jeff Storck, Division Vice President of Terminix South Division, who highlights the history of Terminix and its Memphis roots, some of the key pests to be mindful of during the warmer months, tips for controlling and reducing mosquito and tick populations, termites and termite swarms, and more.

Summer heat means pest activity is high.  Top Pest Threats: Ants, stinging pests and house crickets. Mosquito Control.  Targeting Ticks.  Termites?

Protecting homes is what we do. We started with termite control and pest control, but over time, we’ve expanded our services. Moisture can lead to fungus, wood rot and even conditions conducive to termites or pests. Today, we can also help fortify your home with insulation and crawl space services.

TERMINIX – Memphis Exterminators, Termite, & Pest Control

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