Author Dan Greer Discusses His Book “Church Scattered”

Dan Greer, Author of the book, Church Scattered: Christianity for the 21st Century, discusses what led him to write the book, some of the major takeaways and lessons, tips for integrating faith into every area of life, and more. 

My goal is to help churches in transition to become effective in redefining success from how many people are coming to our buildings, to how many of our people are authentically living out the gospel as disciples in the world.

In Church Scattered, readers will discover how:

  • Challenging and equipping Christians to live out their calling by merging all of the sacred and secular priorities in everyday life is transformational.
  • Tearing down the unnecessary walls of segmentation between clergy and laity, work and faith, career and calling, social justice and eternal redemption, and church and kingdom is transformational.
  • As church leaders, prioritizing the ministry of the individual Christian and empowering them to live out their faith every day in the Church Scattered at home, work and in their neighborhoods over the important ministry in the Church Gathered is transformational, and it’s also the most biblical thing we can do.

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