GeekCause & Kindful – Charity Tech Platforms

Jason Shelton, Program Manager with Hand’s On Nashville‘sGeekCause, and Bradley Martin, Sr., Director of Customer Acquisition with Kindful, who each discuss their charity-tech platforms and how they are responding to help nonprofits during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss teaming up with other charity-tech organizations in Middle Tennessee, Generous and Givful, to do even more to make a difference.

GeekCause matches Nashville’s most talented techies with community partners in need of their services. From tech consultation to solution implementation, GeekCause provides a low-cost platform for agencies to solve tech-based challenges through the support of skilled volunteers.

Kindful is an integrated, web-based software with built-in fundraising automation, online donation pages, donor CRM, and reporting tools. Kindful was founded with a simple idea in mind: Nonprofits should be able to spend less time focused on their database and more time focused on their mission.

Today we’re talking about charity-tech. If you don’t know what that is, charity-tech is technology that’s designed to help charities … or nonprofit organizations. Maybe because we live in “The Volunteer State,” Nashville has become a hub for charity-tech startups … and several of those have teamed up to jointly announce a range of initiatives to assist nonprofits during COVID-19.

GeekCause is a nonprofit organization. Kindful, Generous and Givful are for-profit companies. That’s why, above, we’ve only used the word company when not referring to GeekCause.

Additional topics covered:

  • Why did you decide to team up with two other charity-tech brands – Generous and Givful – in the fight against COVID?
  • The four charity-tech brands in GeekCause consortium have announced a range of initiatives to help nonprofits during this pandemic. 
  • Kindful’s initiatives.

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