SIMPLE Brand with Matt Lyles Podcast

Matt Lyles is the former FedEx brand strategy lead – turned – professional speaker and brand consultant. And he’s the host of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast. He teaches business leaders how to create simple experiences for their customers and for their employees. For over 15 years, he’s helped iconic brands like FedEx, Southwest Airlines, AmSouth Bank and the HandsOn Network tell their story. He’s spent the last few years leading a crusade of simplicity to redefine the FedEx experience across the globe. Now, he’s bringing that crusade to you and your team. During the interview, Lyles discusses what’s driving the need for simplicity today, his framework for creating simple experiences, the role of empathy, and some examples and tips that you can implement, as well. 

  • Why is simplicity important? What benefits do companies see when they focus on simplicity?
  • What are consumers looking for in a brand experience today?
  • How do you define a simple experience?
  • So how does complexity find its way into the experience? And why do leaders tend to not recognize it?
  • Is simplicity a lost cause with established, older, companies?
  • What role does empathy play in defining and creating simple experiences?
  • How does simplicity play into the language and messaging and copy that brands use?
  • Who’s currently doing simplicity really well?
  • What can smaller business leaders do to create simple experiences without having the budgets of these larger brands?
  • How has the corona virus pandemic affected customer expectations around their experience and how might those expectations evolve in the future?

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