Etron Circuit Labs – Best, ‘Intro to Electronics’ Curriculum Available in the Marketplace!

Jason J. Lukawitz, President of Etron Circuit Labs, who discusses and demonstrates their “intro to electronics” curriculum, which is currently in use in middle schools, high schools, colleges, trade and technical schools, as well as the Department of Defense. During the interview, Lukawitz talks about engaging students through interactive lessons, working with teachers and schools, success stories and much more.

  • ETron Circuit Labs produces the best, ‘intro to electronics’ curriculum available in the marketplace.  Currently in use in middle schools, high schools, college, trade and technical schools, as well as part of a 5-year Department of Defense contract, our core textbook, The Basics v2.0, is the premier STEM based curriculum, period.
  • Author Jason J Lukawitz wrote the text to be engaging with todays students, and serves as the face of the company on its latest offering, ETron Academy (, a platform that brings The Basics v2.0 to life through interactive lessons that engages students, teaching them concepts and principles that will last a lifetime.
  • Since the onset of CV-19, ETron Circuit Labs has found itself in high demand as teachers across the country seek solutions to use with their students, most of whom went remote in March.  In patterning with ETron Circuit Labs, learning solutions have created a whole new generation of learners engaged in an immersive hands on curriculum that is both fun, and educational.  By making learning fun, these students will be the ones who change the world through the products and ideas they create once unleashed upon the free market.

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