Women Ablaze Ministries

Establishing People in Christian Faith, Godly Character, & Life Skills

Linda Lee White, Founder and Executive Director of Women Ablaze Ministries, who shares the story of starting the ministry to help women coming out of the prison system with a number of re-entry services, including housing, clothing and food, life skills and job readiness, mentoring and discipleship, substance abuse recovery, transportation, and worship service and bible study. During the interview, Linda also discusses how the ministry has changed her personally, some lessons learned, and how to help. 

Women Ablaze Ministries is a non-profit  public charity. We are composed of Christians from different denominations that have like minds and hearts and are committed to helping others, as God directs, to make an impact in our community through our outreach to at-risk women.  We believe as we help women become contributing members of society it will make a difference in our community and our city.

Learn more: www.womenablazeministries.org

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