Momentum Nonprofit Partners

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kevin Dean, CEO of Momentum Nonprofit Partners in Memphis, Tennessee, who talks about their innovative approach to helping nonprofits in the Mid-South with a free membership, their professional development programs, pivots with COVID-19, some recent public policy wins, philanthropic trends, and how to get involved. 

Momentum Nonprofit Partners builds the momentum of the nonprofit sector to drive equitable, measurable and lasting change. Founded in 1992 as the Grant Information Center, and previously known as The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence, the organization has evolved to become the leading provider of key nonprofit services in Memphis. Through everything it does, Momentum seeks to ensure that Memphis nonprofits are sustainable, have an equal seat at the decision-making table, are representative of the communities they serve, operate at the highest capacity, and work collaboratively to create a stronger city. Through educational and professional development programing, curated community discussions and a hunger for change, Momentum believes it can transform the Memphis nonprofit sector.

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