Tennessee Fertility Advocates: The Pro Family Group

Mollie Walker, Co-Founder

Mollie Walker, Co-Founder of Tennessee Fertility Advocates, who shares the story of starting her family and co-founding the grassroots coalition group across the state to make a difference in the world of infertility coverage for the state of Tennessee. The pro-family group is advocating to optimize legislation in Tennessee to ensure men and women with infertility have the opportunity to access medical treatments they need. Currently, Tennessee has no fertility care or fertility preservation coverage.

TN Fertility Advocates is proposing fertility-friendly legislation in Tennessee, defining statewide industry standards for fertility care, and providing networking opportunities for fertility professionals and advocates in their quest to build a family.

Suffering in Silence: Mollie Walker’s Infertility Journey  “It’s important for women to know that they shouldn’t give up and they are not alone.” She recommends that families explore fertility options that might be covered by their employers. Mollie has become an advocate for fertility coverage in the workplace.

Tennessee Fertility Advocates is a Facebook group for constituents who are advocating for fertility friendly legislation in Tennessee. We want to join our voices, our stories, our connections and our research to create change and improve family building in the state of TN.

To learn more, visit https://tnfertilityadvocates.com

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