Heal the Hood Foundation: The Hero Empowerment Center – Positively Shaping the Community!

LaDell Beamon, CEO and Founder

LaDell Beamon, CEO and Founder of Heal the Hood Foundation, talks about the comic book hero “Wake” that lives in Memphis and is opening up an opportunity to bring Hollywood to the Mid-South, including the creation of a super-hero themed entertainment complex to be located in Hickory Hill, called the Hero Empowerment Center. The Hero Empowerment Center will have the Mid-South’s first 4D theater, museums, a gym, recording studio, comic studio, rooftop urban garden, and more. During the interview, Beamon talks about what the complex will mean to both youth and the city.

The mission of the Hero Empowerment Center is to create an artistic therapy platform that cultivates and equips youth and families to use their gifts and talents to positively shape the community around them.

The Hero Empowerment Center uses creative and strategic partnerships to shape 3 core areas of youth that become a part. Those 3 core areas are body, mind, and spirit. We are all shaped by what we see, hear, and feel. Our views are formed by what we are taught which comes in the form of programming. The atmosphere that we create reverse crime, poverty and violence is the nucleus of this “Micro City.”

The Hero Empowerment Center is a Micro City that is powered by the arts and a heart for the community. Inside of this massive facility is the ability to harness potential and release position growth in the community.

Learn more by visiting http://hthmemphis.org/hth/ or https://heroempowermentcenter.org/about-us

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