Homework Hotline

Providing free tutoring and academic support for all K-12 students in Tennessee.

Madeline Adams, Executive Director, and Michelle Rind, Assistant Director of Homework Hotline, highlight their commitment to providing free tutoring and academic support for all K-12 students in Tennessee. During the interview, Adams and Rind discuss their added hour of service and increased support during the pandemic, their hiring more teachers and staff to accommodate increased demand, their partnerships, how the community can support their efforts and more.

  • Madeline’s moved into ED role from the AD role and we welcome our new AD
  • Hotline has remained open during COVID-19 school closures, with some changes.
  • teachers are working from home
  • added an hour of business for the 2020-21 school year
  • continue to use tech features to assist students (image share, online whiteboard, essay share, online chat)
  • More scheduled, weekly tutoring sessions, which allows Hotline to track student’s process and provides consistency for students
  • Changes in usage include longer sessions and different types of calls’
  • Hiring more staff to accommodate the demand
  • Tech is an issue for students and families, both connectivity but more so how to use the tech.
  • Community can continue to spread the word that Hotline is available to all TN K-12 students
  • Partnership continues with SCS, MNPS, and we’re growing our district partnerships and with community partners.

Learn more:
Facebook:             https://www.facebook.com/homeworkhotlinetn
Twitter:                  https://twitter.com/HomeworkHelp4TN
Website:                https://homeworkhotline.info
Instagram:             https://www.instagram.com/homeworkhotlinetn/

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