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Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Nate Paulk, Executive Director, and Meredith DiMenna, Director of Operations, with Trinity Community Commons, who discuss how they are leveraging a 16,000 sf facility and sacred space in the urban core of Nashville to affirm and activate the worth and potential of all people in the community. During the interview, Paulk and DiMenna share their asset-based approach and how they are working with the community and other stakeholders to offer community meals and ongoing support during the pandemic, including virtual learning support for students.

Mission: TCC leverages sacred space to affirm and activate the worth and potential of all people in our community. Committed to radical hospitality, ongoing listening, and creating paths of access for community members to gather and grow.

Programs:  Paths of access: health and wellness, personal development, spirituality, arts and science, ways to give, ways to serve,


  • Applying best practices from marketing and business to connect community members to resources
  • Ongoing needs for mental health services in low income communities and African American families in particular

How the community can play a part in your efforts: visit our website and click on “Volunteer”

Upcoming Events

  • The Community Meal is every Tuesday night.
  • Once a month, free vegetable giveaway
  • Launch of the text service

Spotlight for your efforts: Partnership with TLC, virtual learning support – finding opportunity in crisis

Current initiatives: Working with a team of architects to redesign the space.  We want to maintain the sacred feel of it, while making it more accessible for the community. Upcoming capital campaign to upgrade ventilation system, electrical, accessibility, security, streaming capability

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