Victory Bicycle Studio – More Than Just a Bike Shop!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Clark Butcher, Founder and Owner of Victory Bicycle Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, who shares his passion for endurance training and competitive cycling, which led him to start coaching and opening up the studio in 2010. During the interview, Butcher discusses finding the perfect fit, some of the pivots and lessons learned during the pandemic, advice for retailers, a trend that has his attention, where he pours into the community with his philanthropic efforts, and more.

Fitting: At Victory Bicycle Studio we know that if your bike doesnt fit you properly, its useless. The Victory fitting process caters to cyclists and triathletes of all age, fitness, and ability levels. Our Fitter Sean Vandergriff has trained under the direction of Joseph Bolton, one of the few fitters in the world who holds the distinctions of Retul Certified Master Fitter and Body Geometry Fit Certified Master Fitter. By choosing the Victory Fit, you are receiving a professional fitting that cannot be matched in depth, detail, and experience.

Spin Classes: To call these classes “spin” classes would be a gross understatement. Modeled after the demands of a rigorous ride or race, these one-hour, heart-rate based classes are designed to produce fitness that translates to outdoor riding. While each trainer class offers a different workout, they are aimed at increasing your overall endurance, speed, and technique. Additionally, this variety exposes your body to different stresses that ultimately result in a more fit, well-rounded cyclist. These classes aren’t taught by spandex-clad instructors with microphones. They’re taught by endurance coaches with years of competitive experience.

Training: The best training and testing takes time and expertise. There is much more to it than simply owning the proper equipment, and winning a few races. Clark Butcher has trained and tested hundreds of athletes from elites to weekend warriors. From his knowledge gained in real scientific training labs and on the road in the professional peloton, Clark is able to push the athlete in ways other physiologists cannot. Whether it’s making slight fitting changes, or equipment changes, Clark will ensure that you are recording the best possible results.

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