SIMPLE brand with Matt Lyles: Reverse Personalization

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Matt Lyles, President and CEO and host of the SIMPLE brand with Matt Lyles Podcast, who talks about some of the major customer and employee experience trends taking place leading into 2021, along with specific examples and ways companies can simplify their processes to achieve greater success. During the interview, Lyles discusses “reverse personalization” and the desire for customers to better know the individuals who are behind the brand, tips for storytelling, favorite moments from his 2020 podcast lineup of guests, and much more.

With 2020 coming to a close, everyone should be preparing for how they thrive in 2021. I shared my perspective on some of the biggest trends happening in customer experience and employee experience. SPOILER ALERT: simplicity is a non-negotiable.

Hi. I’m Matt. For over 15 years, I’ve helped national, regional and local brands tell their story including FedEx, Southwest Airlines, AmSouth Bank, the Memphis Botanic Gardens, the HandsOn Network, Alzheimer’s Day Services of Memphis and more.

I’ll help you, and your team, become more effective in your professional and personal life including: simple branding, simple leadership, simple experiences, simple culture and simple relationship management.

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