Just Be Real Sis Podcast – Take Your Power Back | Lani Phillips

"You become what you believe."- Lani Phillips

Have you ever met someone who sits in rooms as one of the most influential people in technology today, but has the ability to make everyone around her want to show up better in life? Have you encountered energy that can fill a room with inspiration and make everyone feel as though the message was tailored just for them?

Prepare yourself to be encouraged, motivated, activated, and called to MORE. Join us for a powerful conversation with award-winning leader Lani Phillips, Vice President, US Channel Sales Organization at Microsoft responsible for a $40B business.

Lani has been honored across the world by some of the most prestigious organizations. She received the 2020 Woman of the Channel Award, the 2020 Executive Impact Award from Linkage, and the 2020 Inclusive Leader Award from Global Minded.

Lani is a leader’s leader. She is the prototype of an inclusive leader who prides herself on not just making a difference, but being the difference. In this episode, Lani not only discusses common issues that we all face in life, she provides the blueprint on how to navigate them. There is only one word for this episode, masterclass.

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