What makes DEX Imaging different? The Local Nashville Touch!

The Nation's Largest Independent Office Equipment Dealer In The United States

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jim Hunter, Sales Executive with DEX Imaging, who discusses being the nation’s largest independent office equipment dealer in the United States with a local touch in Nashville, Tennessee. During the interview, Hunter talks about DEX Imaging’s relationship with Staples and how they help customers large and small to streamline print services, increase efficiency and lower the cost of doing business. He also highlights how the company donates 1/3 of its profits to local nonprofits and 1/3 of its profits to non-commissioned employees, and shares some of the stories of working with local nonprofits, along with the Nashville Predators Score and Win Program, and more.

Jim Hunter: Lifelong resident of Tennessee, growing up in Johnson City, residing in Memphis for more than 20 years, and my wife and I moved to Nashville in 2016.    25 years’ experience in the industry, meaning I’ve worked through vast changes in technology, software, multifunction equipment, and managed print services. I was attracted to Dex Imaging for 2 reasons: It’s family-oriented and strongly community-driven. My territory can be anywhere my customer needs me to be – Dex Imaging has installation teams and service technicians located throughout the country. I’m fortunate to work with a teammate, Angela Neu, meaning we are ALWAYS available for our customers – that was another reason I was drawn to a company like Dex

  • Dex Imaging relationship with Staples.
  • We can be as large or as small as our customers need – from one printer or copier to hundreds.
  • Managed print services.
  • Consulting with customers to streamline print services, increase efficiency, and lower cost of doing business.
  • Dex donates 1/3 of profits to local non-profit agencies and 1/3 of profits to non-commissioned employees.
  • Nashville Predators Score and Win Program.
  • We partner with organizations who help our own community – such as disaster cleanup, local sports teams, children’s services, other health, and human services such as community reintroduction from homelessness, abuse, incarceration.

Learn more:
Facebook:              www.facebook.com/DexImaging
Website:                 https://www.deximaging.com/locations/nashville-tn/
Instagram:              www.linkedin.com/company/dex-imaging/
Direct LinkedIn:      www.linkedin.com/in/jim-hunter-522894132/

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