STARS – Supports young people through the social and emotional barriers.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Rodger Dinwiddie, CEO of STARS in Nashville, Tennessee, who discusses the history and growth of the organization, along with their programs and services focused on hope, health and connection for youth. During the interview, Dinwiddie highlights some of the different programs, helpful tips for parents and youth to prevent and deal with bullying, some of the major issues that youth are facing right now with anxiety and depression, and how the pandemic has impacted their work. He also talks about how individuals can access their support services and get involved with the organization.

  • How long has STARS been in existence? How long you have been at STARS and the main focus of the work of the organization.
  • We know that about 66% of the work at STARS occurs in schools. How has the pandemic impacted your work in schools this last year? Have the needs of the young people you serve changed? What all do you see as growing issues with young people?
  • You mentioned that STARS is also providing treatment for adolescents. How has this worked these last months?
  • STARS does a lot of training for young people and adults. What types of trainings are offered?
  • Are there any big events coming up and how should folks connect with you if they would like to get involved? Or if they would like to talk to you all about trainings and/or services?

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