Discipling Men Re-Entering Society : Men of Valor

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Curt Campbell, Program Director with Men of Valor in Nashville, Tennessee, who highlights their history and efforts of winning men in prison to Jesus Christ and equipping them to re-enter society as men of integrity. During the interview, Campbell highlights the impact of their programs and the relationships they build with the men, the success and much lower recidivism rates realized, tips and words of encouragement, how the community can help, and more.

Men of Valor is committed to winning men in prison to Jesus Christ and discipling them. Our purpose is to equip them to re-enter society as men of integrity – becoming givers to the community rather than takers.

  • General information and statistics about the corrections system in America (# of incarcerated, recidivism, % released, cost per individual)
  • Roadblocks to successful re-entry
  • What Men of Valor does and the need for the community at large to engage and help while incarcerated and upon release

Learn more:
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/MOVNashville/
Website:     https://men-of-valor.org/

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