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Our primary focuses are safety and relaxation, so we combine the best of safety, luxury, and comfort for you and your baby.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Byron Fawknotson, Owner of CitiValet (personal assistant to the City) and Founder of Baby’s First Ride, who discusses his concierge company based in Nashville, Tennessee, which is known for providing first-in-class B.O.W. T.I.E. customer service. During the interview, he shares what led him to start Baby’s First Ride and develop the platform and maternity concierge program that focuses on helping hospitals transition mothers home after they give birth, and supporting mothers through this transition by serving as a personal assistant and more. They assist with the checkout process and walk down of the mother at the hospital, have a car and driver ready along with a maternity valet who is a trained nurse, and help with medicine pickup, car seat installation, and any non-medical support she might need or request, and more. There are opportunities for create baby showers and also give back.

You don’t have to worry about retrieving your car, loading your luggage, or the small details like grocery pick up and grabbing dinner. We take care of that, leaving you free to relax and focus on the joy of your new baby.

Baby’s First Ride stands out as the only company to offer specialized concierge service of this kind to you and your newborn. This, combined with our knowledge, experience, and a caring, highly professional approach, assures even the most discerning of clients. Our CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technicians) are certified by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is a division of Safe Kids Worldwide.

There are three ways to sign up. You can communicate with us via the contact information on the “Contact Us” page, on the “Registration” page of our website, or you can sign up when you join a birthing class at one of our participating hospitals. We teach the Passenger Safety class in conjunction with the birthing class program.

Learn more:
Telephone: 1 (615) 216-6444

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