Girl, unKnown Inc – Making the unKnowns Known in Finding You!

We encompass the whole human, building a platform for women, girls and female identifying persons, giving them the tools needed to succeed in life, that doesn’t stop at a certain age.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Alexis Hughes-Williams, Founder and CEO of Girl, unKnown Inc. and Owner of Something Sweet, LLC, who highlights her Nashville-based nonprofit’s efforts to improve the lives of disadvantaged girls all over the world. The organization provides women and girls, especially in underserved communities, opportunities to enhance their realities through accountability, networking, mentoring and healthy social interactions by encouraging individuals to explore their social, physical, and emotional development. During the interview, Alexis talks about their Seven Pillars of Empowerment, lessons learned, advice for fellow entrepreneurs, their upcoming International Women’s Day Celebration 2021, and upcoming Connecting Women, Bridging Gaps: Voices Edition.

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