Cocorico Cuisine – Authentic French Cuisine!

Cocorico ! is not just a brand, it is a French experience!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Elodie Habert, Founder and Owner of Cocorico Cuisine, who shares her story of moving from France to America in 2016 and deciding to build her own business in 2018 to bring authentic French cuisine to the Nashville area. During the interview, Elodie spotlights some of her favorite menu items, where you can find and purchase their food and goods, their participation in the Nashville Community Fridge that helps feed people in need, her involvement in the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), advice for other entrepreneurs, and more.

  • Why did you start this company and how authentic is it? I moved to Nashville in 2016 and quickly realized that there were so many French food options. After a few years improving my English and working for different companies, I decided to build my own to bring authentic French cuisine to Nashville area. Cocorico Cuisine was born in May 2018 and since then, we have been baking from scratch authentic French goods. We serve the community by selling our goods at Farmers Markets in Nashville area, catering private party or corporate events and wholesaling our goods at different local grocery stores and restaurants.
  • What is your favorite menu item? The Parisian sandwich, because it reminds me stopping by a bakery for a quick lunch. Made with a freshly baked baguette, some butter, creamy brie and curated ham, it reminds me how French cuisine can be simple and delicious with just a handful of ingredients layered together. A Sandwich is also something you can share easily and that is what is it about, spending time with somebody, enjoying a meal while getting a break.
  • Nashville Community Fridge participation: Some amazing folks started this project in 2020. Our participation to this initiative is tight to the fact that, at Cocorico Cuisine we try limit the food waste while feeding the community in need. Every food item we don’t sell is stored in a community fridge (one in East Nashville on Dickerson Pike and one in North Nashville on Buchanan St). People in need can stop by to grab baked goods and fresh produces for free to feed their family.
  • NAWBO: I am the administrator for NAWBO Nashville (National Association of Women Business Owners) for three years. The main goal of this organization is to connect, empower, educate, and support women business owner of all age, ethnicity and industry to grow their business. The association also advocates for women business owners in general and help changing lawmaker mindsets regarding women in business. That has been one of my first involvement in the nonprofit world when I arrived in Nashville and I am so thankful to be part of this community.
  • How can the community support you? Shop our products at local grocery stores, stop by at our farmers market booths to say hi, order online and support our farmers market community and the local and small businesses like ours who make Nashville a great place to live (and eat!).

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